Weddings-by-the-Hour is a Brilliant Coverage Option

For couples who aren't looking for a full-fledged wedding package featuring all the 'bells and whistles', but still want great coverage of their day, Weddings-by-the-Hour is a wonderful option. With six hours of coverage time starting at $1,650*, WBTH will save you budget dollars without compromising quality. You pick whatever coverage time suits your budget and picture needs. Even decide on your wedding day if you need an extra hour or two as extra coverage time is very affordable. WBTH is VERY flexible. Plus, online viewing is always available.

*There may be an adjustment to this six-hour rate for longer travel distances.

You'll receive all your edited pictures on a flash drive allowing you complete control. No logos, watermarks or copyright protection. You own all your edited pictures. Plus, they are very large files perfect for massive posters and wallpaper in your new home. In other words, top quality allowing you complete freedom to print and share anyway you wish. Absolutely no restrictions. They are 100% your pictures. You can also share all your pictures with family and friends anywhere in the world by selecting online viewing - see below for details.

WBTH $100 Photo Credit: With my WBTH coverage, you will receive $100 photo credit post-wedding which you can use to order enlargements (5x7’s, 8x10’s, 11x14’s, 16x20's) of your choice with compliments. All enlargements printed on top quality professional paper and drop shipped by FedEx within a few days. Think 'Amazon Prime' as tracking and shipping all included. 

You can also add wedding albums, thank you cards, online viewing to your WBTH coverage a-la-carte if you'd like. This way you can get extras after your wedding if needed without being locked into a package structure pre-wedding.

All pictures you receive with WBTH are edited meaning they are quality winning shots perfect for enlargements. These are not hope for the best, but quality images. Wedding pictures that you will be delighted to share with family and friends and ones that document your wedding day story.  You can email, print, share any of your pictures on FB, Twitter, Instagram, your smart-phone, tablet and on and on. You name it, you can do it. There are no water marks, logos or copyright protection on any images. They really are 100% your pictures.

Each hour of WBTH coverage will give you approximately 150 edited pictures on your flash drive and/or online viewing link.

Wedding Pictures Online: I can place all your wedding pictures online for you to easily share with family and friends anywhere in the world. Much easier this way than trying to email and FB a lot of pictures. The way it works is VERY simple. Once you tell me you’d like to have all your pictures online I’ll email you a personal web site link within two business days that you can share with anyone you wish. You can have collection password protected or ‘unlocked’ allowing anyone you share your link with able to download images. You can also make any image(s) private if preferred and create your own favorite lists. There are several download choices (from small social media quality to very large file sizes) AND no fee for anyone to download and print/share pictures.

There will be no logos or watermarks on any of your pictures either on your flash drive or your online viewing link. The cost for online viewing is $99 (inclusive of tax) for two years.

Here is an example so you can see how a typical layout will look... Jamie & Brent's wedding at Peirce Farm (5/20/2017)

Please email for WBTH availability and additional rates for midweek and elopement wedding dates.