Weddings-by-the-Hour is a Brilliant Coverage Option

WEDDINGS-BY-THE-HOUR: My WBTH coverage is a great choice for couples who prefer not to get ‘locked’ into a package structure with album(s) and other content not always needed. Everything is very flexible allowing you complete control over how much coverage time you select. You can even add extra time on your wedding day. Whatever works for you. With WBTH, you’ll own all your edited pictures (just like with any package) and have complete freedom post-wedding to print and share anyway you wish. All edited images always belong to the couple we work for. WBTH is a perfect option when you need more wedding day coverage time as you’ll save budget dollars without compromising quality.

NO HIDDEN COSTS: We are always transparent and open with pricing. There are no additional fees with WBTH coverage. All charges are included in all quoted rates – see WBTH rates below. There are no extra fees to receive and keep all your edited pictures on a flash drive. Online viewing is always included for five years post-wedding with any coverage time. Plus, you’ll receive photo credit after your wedding for enlargements of your choice. There is no additional charge for travel unless indicated. Tax is always included in all quoted rates.  

WBTH IS VERY FLEXIBLE: You own all your edited pictures and can print and share anyway you wish. No restrictions. You can pick whatever coverage time suits your budget and even add extra time on your wedding day if needed. You'll have lots of options post-wedding to order extra pictures and albums a-la-carte at discounted rates if needed. You will also have my 100% involvement in all your picture editing post-wedding. I handle this side of things for couples.

You’ll receive approximately 150+ edited pictures per hour of coverage with WBTH. This is the same number of edited pictures included with any package coverage time. By edited, that means ‘winning shots’ and not hope for the best.

WBTH $100 PHOTO CREDIT: With any WBTH coverage, you will receive $100 photo credit post-wedding which you can use to select enlargements (5x7’s, 8x10’s, 11x14’s, 16x20’s) of your choice. All enlargements are printed on the best professional paper available unlike the paper/emulsion photo kiosks at drug stores use. Your enlargements are drop shipped by FedEx within approx. one week of you letting me know your selections.

ONLINE VIEWING IS INCLUDED FOR FIVE YEARS: The way online viewing works is very simple. After your wedding, I’ll email you a web link that you can share with anyone you wish. You can have your pictures password protected or ‘unlocked’ so anyone you share your link with can download images at no charge. You can also make any image(s) private if preferred and/or create favorite lists. Your online link is compatible with all smart phones, iPads, tablets lap tops and pc’s. There are several download options (from small FB/social media quality to large file sizes) AND no fee for anyone to download and print/share pictures if you give them permission.

There will be no logos or watermarks on ANY of your pictures either on your flash drive or your online viewing link.

Here are wedding collections so you can see how typical online layouts look...

Melissa & Tim's wedding at the Hall of Springs (11/2/2018)

Beth & Kendall's wedding at Greywacke Meadows (10/28/2018)

Amy & Adam's wedding at Harding Allen Estate (10/13/2018)

Morgan & Jamie's wedding at Look Park & Smith College (9/29/2018)

Cassidy & Brad's wedding at Lake Placid Club Golf House (9/23/2018)

Kelly & Zachary's wedding at Canfield Casino (9/22/2018)

Julia & Matthew's wedding at the George Eastman Museum (9/21/2018)

Christie-Jo & Brett's Cape Cod beach wedding (9/3/2018)

Christine & Derrick's wedding at Glen Sanders Mansion (6/10/2018)

Diana & Rob's wedding at St James & Belhurst Castle (5/19/2018)

QUESTIONS: Please let me know if I can help with any questions. Email is the best way to reach me at I will always get back to you promptly.